About Us

PadCare Labs is an innovation driven company solving unmet need of menstrual waste management. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly, hygienic and cost-effective sanitary napkin disposal solution to women in order to live a healthy lifestyle. We believe its high time to break the silence of menstrual waste.

We Are Focussing On

Hygienic Environment

Sustainable Disposal

MHM Awareness

The Problem

The State Of Sanitary Napkin Disposal In India Is Critical & There Is An Urgent Need To Address It

Women in India generate 34 million sanitary napkins on a daily basis & It takes 800 years to decompose the same

Women in India suffer from urinary tract infections due to improper disposal of sanitary napkins

School girls in India drop out of school due to unavailabilty of menstrual hygiene facilities



Pathogenic Lock




What Next

Aiming To Create A Circular Economy




Saving 320kg Of Carbon From Getting Released Per Pad

Meet the Team


Ajinkya Dhariya

Founder & CEO  


Akash Patil

Product Engineer  


Aasawari Kane

Research Scientist  


Shriniwas Adhe

Design and Development Engineer  


Jesha Shaha

Industrial Designer  


Avani Darne

Research Associate  


Anaya Sheth

Communication Lead  


Dr. Premnath

Technical Advisor  


Mr. Sanjay Kanvinde

Business Advisor  

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Phone +91 76786 47899

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