Empowering the

Future of Hygiene

PadCare is an unprecedented hygiene management solution that completes the loop of menstrual hygiene economy by generating harmless, recyclable output out of sanitary pads.

Challenge 1

Vulnerable Women

Access to clean water and washrooms is a privilege limited to a small minority.

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Challenge 2

Unprotected Sanitation workers

Waste pickers collect sanitary waste from urban localities without any protective gear

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Challenge 3

Depleting Environment

121 million Indian women choose sanitary pads over other absorbents.

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The revolutionary

3-S model



PadCare’s smokeless, harmless, and long-term solution allows you to create a carbon negative impact out of menstrual waste.



Touch-free Padcare bins inserted in individual cubicles shrink the chances of infection and offer women a safer lavatory experience.



PadCare’s modernistic waste management system aims to reform the job of our waste-pickers by making it truly dignified and safe.

Our Approach

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1. Segregation

Women separate their sanitary waste from general trash at the source level by using PadCare bin.

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2. Collection

Our waste-management partners collect the waste when the bin is brimming and drop it at the Central Processing Unit.

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3. Processing

Waste is shredded and disinfected through a chemo-mechanical process in the smokeless Unit founded on 5D technology.

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4. Recycle

Completely harmless, odourless and sterilized recyclable cellulose and plastic material is given a new life.

PadCare is the sweet spot where modern lifestyle meets sustainability.

I am looking at Padcare for my -

- Educational Institutes
- Hostels / PG
- Housing societies
- Corporate parks
- Government Bodies
- Waste management

Instil the values of personal hygiene, climate care and female privacy in the milieu of your institute and foster a generation of more socially and environmentally conscious people.




The Padcare Phenomenon


Pads recycled


Bins installed


Women participating


Carbon emissions reduced


PadCare’s holistic and advanced menstrual waste management system substantially reduces the number of deaths and illnesses caused by air, water and soil pollution that may be induced by otherwise buried or burnt pads.

It also reduces the chances of infections in women who change pads in public toilets and waste-pickers who collect menstrual waste without a protective gear.

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Creating sustainable societies by enhancing hygiene standards.
We aim to rebuild the way people experience washrooms.

PadCare is a futuristic and eco-friendly menstrual hygiene disposal solution centred around the dignity of womanhood. Become a subscriber to share our vision.


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